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UCC - Universal Carrying Case

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Introducing our innovative Magnetic-Closed MOLLE Carrying Case, a revolutionary solution designed to complement and safeguard your goggles with unparalleled convenience and security. Crafted with precision and engineered for ease of use, this carrying case redefines how you transport and protect your valuable eyewear.

Key Features:

  1. Magnetic Closure Technology: Our carrying case employs cutting-edge magnetic closure technology, ensuring a secure and swift closure every time. The magnetic system allows for effortless one-handed operation, providing quick access to your goggles when you need them.

  2. MOLLE Compatibility: Engineered with military precision, the case seamlessly integrates with MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) systems. Attach it to your tactical gear, backpack, or combat vest with ease, offering versatility in how you carry and access your goggles during critical missions.

  3. Rugged Durability: Built to endure the rigors of challenging environments, the carrying case features a robust construction. The outer shell is made from high-strength materials, providing reliable protection against impact, abrasion, and the elements.

  4. Customized Interior: The interior of the case is thoughtfully designed to cradle your goggles securely. Customized compartments ensure a snug fit, preventing movement during transport and minimizing the risk of scratches or damage.

  5. Quick-Release Pull Tab: For rapid deployment, the case is equipped with a quick-release pull tab. Simply grab and pull, and the magnetic closure releases swiftly, allowing you to access your goggles in the blink of an eye.

  6. Versatile Usage: Whether you're in the field, on a mission, or engaged in outdoor activities, our Magnetic-Closed MOLLE Carrying Case is the ultimate companion for your eyewear. It offers peace of mind, knowing your goggles are both easily accessible and well-protected in the vertical or horizontal positions.

Elevate your gear-carrying experience with this state-of-the-art Magnetic-Closed MOLLE Carrying Case – where convenience, security, and durability converge for the modern tactical operator. Currently available in TAN 499, other colors coming soon!


Dimensions (mm) | 69.85L x 101.6W x 180H

Weight | 5 oz.