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HINDSight™ | Optical Cornering Device

- A folding convex mirror that mounts onto any picatinny rail and unlocks a concealable way to navigate through tough corners and stairwells. 

- The unit is capable of the left or right-hand side and has the ability to rotate along its axis to open up even more viewing capability. 

- Magnetically closed to prevent unwanted openings. 

CORNERING - Rapidly check a 90° corner's dead spot for any threats before proceeding through.

CHECK YOUR SIX - With the unit, you are able to check behind you while moving forward to quickly assess any threats. 

STAIRWELLS - With the unit swiveled upward, you can easily scan above a stairwell prior to moving.


Dimensions (mm) | 72L x 60W x 28H

Weight | 2.6 oz.


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